Add scrape config file in prometheus.yml


Maybe the question has already been asked, so sorry if it’s a duplicated post but here is my concern.
I’ve passed through the documentation but I can get to find the information or maybe it is possible but I haven’t identify it clearly

Prometheus version installed : 2.29.0 (planned to migrate to 2.32.0 in the next days)

We are using a basic configuration of scrape_configs in “prometheus.yml” file but we would like to be able to add extra custom scrape_configs in seperate files.

We are managing our prometheus servers using Ansible AWX so we can maintain our solution easily. However when we are installing or upgrading our environnements the “prometheus.yml” gets reset to a default template file with pre-filled scrape_config.
We would like to implement some custom scrape_configs on a specific Prometheus server and by so we don’t want to update the default “prometheus.yml” to avoid pushing the custom configuration to all our Prometheus when we have a planned maintenance.

By so we would like to know if it’s possible to add some kind of details in “prometheus.yml” like below :

- scrape_configs :
  - job_name: 'custom conf 1'
      - files :

By that the default configuration of “prometheus.yml” gets loaded but it can also include the custom configuration file if it’s present/declared

Thanks in advance for your help.
Feel free to ask if you have any concerns