Blackbox exporter - any way to hide simple auth password in config file`?

I guess title says it all. I have a simple auth, where I would like to hide the password in the blackbox.yml file.

I’ve read lengthy discussions about this (including that you can’t use variables etc), which I don’t want to dig further into.

I just would very much like to know.

  1. Is it possible? and 2) If yes, how is it possible?

Also, if I have missed this step somewhere in the documentation, please excuse me, and kindly point me to where I can read about hiding auth secrets in blackbox.yml.

Thanks in advance.

The blackbox_exporter automatically hides secrets in the blackbox.yml. This works for basic auth and bearer tokens.

See the http_probe docs:

Ah thank you - missed that option to use password files. :+1: