Can I query data as recorded ? (range query with no step)

Hi, I would like to retrieve data AS it was collected and recorded by Prometheus.
I do not want to use an arbitrary step for range queries.

The step makes Prometheus downsample data (arbitrarily) or worse: create arbitrary values that never existed.

Is that possible to query for the “raw” data within a time range?
If so how ?

Yes, run an instant query with a selector:[1h]&

You can graph that in grafana as well (just check “instant” and use up[${__range_s}s])

Thanks !

I will try this !
setting the range_s to the number of seconds between t1 and t2 and the evaluation time to t2 ! Wonderful

$__range_s is a grafana built-in variable that covers the duration selected in the dashboard.

I am not using Grafana :slight_smile:

This is really interesting! I am interesting in hearing your story / usecase. Feel free to drop me a mail: roidelapluie at if you want to share your story :slight_smile: