Configuration AlertManager - sending notification

I’ve completed setup of Prometheus + AlertManager.
Everything is working as expeceted.

After defining different alerts I can already see several alerts in http://:9090/alerts.

Now I want to send notification via email.
The problem is that I don’t know how to configure AlertManager to send different alerts to different receivers, means alert A should be send to receiver A and alert B should be sent to receiver B.

I have created rules with a label "team: :

 - name: general.rules
   - alert: TargetDown
       message: '{{ printf "%.4g" $value }}% of the {{ $labels.job }}/{{ $labels.instance
         }} instances are down.'
     expr: 100 * (count(up == 0) BY (job, instance) / count(up) BY (job,
       instance)) > 10
     for: 10m
       severity: warning
       team: devops

Can you please advise how to configure alertmanager.yml to send emails depending on this label “team”?


Issue solved.

This can be closed.