Configuring promethues to host syslog messages

We have cyberark product on windows OS that generates syslogs.
Can we integrate this cyberArk server to Prometheus so that Prometheus can store Syslog information in TSDB and later grafana can make dashboards out of it?

Note: due to security reasons, no 3rd party agents like telegraf can be installed on the cyberark server.

Any use case on this topic would be helpful.

Syslog is a logging system. Prometheus is a metrics system. You can create metrics out of logs (for example counting certain types of log lines or extracting numbers from lines and applying mathematical aggregation functions).

So, assuming you can’t get Prometheus format metrics directly from the application, you would need a tool to convert logs to metrics (such as mtail). You would need to install something on the server, or wherever the logs end up.