Consul discovery of specific node

Hello, awesome prom people :wave:

I started testing the Prometheus agent and would like to use consul to discover that specific host metric_path and other data. However, I am having trouble filtering it out properly. My consul_sd_configs:

    - server: "<consul_server>"
      token: "<token>"
        - exporter
      allow_stale: false
      refresh_interval: 5m
    - source_labels:
      - __meta_consul_service
      target_label: job
    - source_labels:
      - __meta_consul_node
      target_label: instance

The thing is that __meta_consul_node can not be used like __meta_consul_metadata_<key> and as I do not have hostname or fqdn (which I need) in metadata, so node_meta is a no go here (?), my question - is it possible to somehow use __meta_consul_node to filter out that specific node?

I ended up adding fqdn to consul metadata :white_check_mark: