Create a counter out of 2 counters in a record rule

I have a use case where I need to create a counter out of a combination of 2 other counters. We are using an external tool that expects a prometheus counter as input and therefore I would like to create a counter combining 2 different counters like the example below:

# Count total number of requests per service

#  Requests per http status code
requests_per_code_total{ code="499" }

I need to have a counter that count the number_of_satisfied_requests_total - requests_per_code_total{ code="499" }

What I want to achieve is:

- record: requests_good_example
   expr: satisfied_requests_total - requests_per_code_total{ code="499" }

But of course if we have counter reset, we can end up with negative results.
Is there a way to get the expected result?

PS: Both metrics have the same labels