Crowdsec metrics


First of all thank you all for your effort to help out the users!!

I would like to have the crowdsec metrics saved in prometheus, which does not work. Since I am new to prometheus and to crowdsec I have no idea if my CrowdSec config it wrong or the prometheus side.

The error message is: read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

The prometheus.yaml contains following snippet:

- job_name: crowdsec # Security related metrics
      - url:

I also tried

  - job_name: crowdsec # Security related metrics
      - targets:
          host: skippy

with the same result. The CrowdSec config.yml is fairly standard:

  enabled: true
  level: full
  listen_port: 6060

Can somebody help me out here?

Disclaimer: I asked the same question in the crowdsec forum. I will post the solution if I get it over there.

Thanks akrea