Issues with instance

I have a situation where multiple ec2 instances has the same hostname.
So when i run promql on node_exporter metric with {instance=a} and if i have two instances with instance name a, i get only one result back. Not sure how the query is aggregating the result.


For a metric to be ingestible it has to have unique labels. So there must be a different set of labels for these two EC2 instances (otherwise you’d have errors about dropping duplicate metrics).

:frowning: hanks Stuart,

That makes sense, however, on grafana UI i see some data (mostly flat lines), and looking at the
journalctl -u node_exporter, i see nothing but

http: URL query contains semicolon, which is not longer supported separator; xxxx see

Not sure what that means, but i guess that data I see is garbage …:frowning: