Joining two metrics

Hello Team,
I have been trying to join two metrics, But whenever I add an operator, I get no data. Could someone help me figure it out?

topk(5, stddev(container_memory_usage{k8s_cluster_name=“lab”}) by (k8s_container_name)) * on(k8s_node_name) group_left(support_level) k8s_cluster_metadata{}

Thought I might try to help.
I like to break these down. If you run just the query on the right side of the ‘*’ look to see which labels are provided. In order to join, the same label must exist on both sides. Does k8s_node_name appear in the label list when running the rightside query?

If it does, then do the same with the left side of the query (k8s_cluster_metadata{}). Does it include k8s_node_name?