Management API - Reload and Quit

Hi everybody. I have a question about the Prometheus Management API, Management API | Prometheus, specifically, the Reload and Quit endpoints. Are they synchronous or async? For instance, when calling the Reload endpoint, does it wait until the reload of the configuration is done before returning, or does it start the reload going in the background and then return immediately, whether the reload is done or not? Same question for the Quit endpoint.

Thanks for your help.

The Reload is sync, but Quit is not.

Thank you for answering this. So, reload is sync. How long should that normally take? I’m trying to decide on the best timeout value for calling these methods.

Reload can take up to the scrape timeout if scrape configs are changed, but will generally be below a few seconds.

The behaviour of /-/reload if the client cuts the request is undefined (I guess we will finish reload anyway).

Note that the return code of /-/reload indicates in the reload was successful.

Thank you for your help!