Maping query label value between query

I have 2 query like this:
query A: autoscaling_group_desired_capacity{monitor=“autoscaling_group”, is_cloud_provider=“True”, cluster_name=~“.*.”}

query B: sum(kubelet_node_name{pool_name=~“.*.”, monitor=~“kubernetes-engine”,region=~“HaNoi|HoChiMinh”}) by (pool_name)

the cluster_name label in queryA have same label-value list in query B

both query can run independent, but when I need to create Alert using VM alert with this query

autoscaling_group_desired_capacity{monitor=“autoscaling_group”, is_cloud_provider=“True”, cluster_name=~“..“} != sum(kubelet_node_name{pool_name=~”..”, monitor=~“kubernetes-engine”,region=~“HaNoi|HoChiMinh”}) by (pool_name)

I return no value since it map all label-value from query A to only 1 label-value in query B
I need it to map like cluster-name: A to pool-name:A, NOT cluster-name:A->Z to pool-name:A

Have you tried using label_replace and then doing on (...). Haven checked it out but something like this might work?

(autoscaling_group_desired_capacity{monitor=“autoscaling_group”, is_cloud_provider=“True”, cluster_name=~“.*.”}) != on (cluster_name)
(sum(label_replace(kubelet_node_name{pool_name=~“.*.”, monitor=~“kubernetes-engine”,region=~“HaNoi|HoChiMinh”}, "cluster_name", "$0", ".*")) by (cluster_name))