No Data Returned From AWS Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP) Despite Successful Grafana and Data Source Configuration

I have configured AWS Managed Grafana and successfully connected it to the Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP). Despite the successful setup, when I attempt to query data, I consistently receive a ‘No Data’ response. I’ve confirmed that the Grafana data source is correctly configured and that the required IAM role permissions for AMP are in place.

Upon querying the data either via PromQL commands in Grafana, or performing a direct API call to AMP using ‘awscurl’, no data is returned. This includes a query for any metric names with {name=~“.+”}.

My setup involves an ECS service with Fargate running two containers, one of which is the ‘aws-otel-collector’. I’ve ensured that the OpenTelemetry Collector is configured to send metrics to AMP.

Despite the above configuration and checks, I am not seeing any data returned in my queries. I have tried troubleshooting but I am unable to find the root cause of this issue. I am looking for assistance in diagnosing the problem, understanding why no data is appearing in the queries, and figuring out the necessary steps to rectify this situation to make my metrics visible in Grafana.