No resources are found after setting up adapter with a forward rule for a custom metric

Hello! I am attempting to use the Prometheus Adapter to forward some queries for custom metrics to Prometheus. The metrics are available in Prometheus, but when I attempt to list them through the custom metrics API, no resources are found.

This is the rules section of my values file:

     - seriesQuery: '{__name__=~"kafka_consumergroup_group_sum_lag"}'
         template: test
         matches: "kafka_consumergroup_group_sum_lag"
         as: "{$1} seconds"
       metricsQuery: kafka_consumergroup_group_sum_lag{group="AsnDecode"}

This is the command I’m using to check my work:

kubectl get --raw "/apis/"

This is the output I get:


Have I misconfigured anything? What should I do from here?