Node_exporter record size

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any chance anyone has sized the volume of data / disk space node exporter uses…

if we know we will scrape every 30 seconds, implies 2 per minute, = 120 hour = 2880/day = 86 400 (month working on 30 days). what would this translate to on disk ?

any similar match for kube metrics ?


It depends on how many metrics are returned, which depends on the system and which collectors you have enabled. Look at scrape_samples_post_metric_relabeling.

Each sample takes up about 1.5 bytes, so if the node_exporter on your system is returning 500 samples, that’s 750 bytes per scrape or about 62MiB/month.

default node_export on a basic linux OS.

what is counted as a sample, is that per host scraped ?
define the 500 please.