Only some metrics of a target are not scraped

a few days ago I added my backuppc as a target but prometheus does not scrape / save all metrics.
I tried running prometheus in debug mode but got no Error Output.
Status / Target Page says up / no errors.

Some of the metrics:

# HELP backuppc_disk_usage Disk usage in %
# TYPE backuppc_disk_usage gauge
backuppc_disk_usage 89

# HELP backuppc_hosts_disabled Backups disabled
# TYPE backuppc_hosts_disabled gauge
backuppc_hosts_disabled{host="automat.homenet"} 0

# HELP backuppc_cpool_size Size in bytes of the pool
# TYPE backuppc_cpool_size gauge
backuppc_cpool_size 90001584

# HELP backuppc_hosts_full_age Age of the last full backup
# TYPE backuppc_hosts_full_age gauge
backuppc_hosts_full_age{host="automat.homenet"} 1643817189

# HELP backuppc_queues_background_count Number of jobs in the background queue
# TYPE backuppc_queues_background_count gauge
backuppc_queues_background_count 0


- job_name: backuppc
  honor_labels: true
  honor_timestamps: true
    - metrics
    - prometheus
  scrape_interval: 3m
  scrape_timeout: 10s
  metrics_path: /backuppc/index.cgi
  scheme: http
    username: prom
    password: <secret>
  follow_redirects: true
  - targets:

For the last week I googled a lot but go no clue what is wrong.
It seems for me that metrics with lables are ignored.
The missing ones are in the middle of the page, the last metric is “backuppc_queues_user_count” what is recognized.

What am I doing wrong ?


What queries are you running which cause you to believe that there are metrics missing?

I try to get the data in the promethus webui.
If i type “backuppc_” the following metrics are shown, but not the ones beginning with backuppc_hosts_*.
When searching for “backuppc_hosts_disabled” the Answer is “Empty query result”
In first i sae that some Panels of the dashboard: “BackupPC dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs” hat “No data”.

Error found.

The user I used to pull the metrics was not allowed to get host data.
After i added this User to “more Users” the data apeared.

My failure was to check the data contend within the Browser (and User) I used at my workstation and to check only if there is data at the prometheus host.