Please provide exporters or documentation for aws services

HI Team
I plan to Monitor AWS services like RDS, ELB using prometheus. so please provide documentation for step by step

Metrics for ELBs are only available via Cloudwatch metrics, so you will need to install the Cloudwatch exporter (or YACE). You can get some RDS metrics from Cloudwatch, but depending on the database type you may be better off using the correct database exporter (e.g. MySQL exporter).

HI stuart, Thanks for the reply

Consider the following scenario: I’m creating an RDS (MySQL) database and I’ve chosen “Don’t connect to an EC2 compute resource” in the connectivity section. How can I monitor this and where do I install the exporters?

I don’t know what that setting is, but in general you would run the MySQL exporter somewhere (on an EC2 instance, inside Kubernetes, etc.) pointing to the RDS endpoint (with appropriate credentials). You’d then set Prometheus to scrape the MySQL exporter to fetch the metrics.