prometheus isn't scraping node exporter

So I’m a 100% beginner with Prometheus and node exporter.

I’m doing a project for school where I monitor a server using prometheus and grafana, I managed to install all Prometheus, node exporter, and grafana and connected the servers.

but when I access port 9090 I cant find data from node exporter nor does it show in the target page, mean while when accessing port 9100 it shows full data without any issues.

I’m not sure where I went wrong with the configuration.

I’m using an Ubuntu 16.04 on AWS, all ports has been configured as well to allow access.

I would appreciate if someone could help me in simple terms, as I wrote, this if my first time doing something like this

this is the .yml file

my global config

scrape_interval: 15s # Set the scrape interval to every 15 seconds. Defaul$
evaluation_interval: 15s # Evaluate rules every 15 seconds. The default is ev$

scrape_timeout is set to the global default (10s).

Alertmanager configuration


  • static_configs:
    • targets:

      - alertmanager:9093

Load rules once and periodically evaluate them according to the global 'evalu$


- “first_rules.yml”

- “second_rules.yml”

A scrape configuration containing exactly one endpoint to scrape:

Here it’s Prometheus itself.


The job name is added as a label job=<job_name> to any timeseries scraped$

  • job_name: ‘prometheus’

    • targets: [‘localhost:9090’]
  • job_name: ‘node_exporter’
    scrape_interval: 5s

    • targets: [‘localhost:9100’]

How exactly did you install things?

I used some online tutorials

anyone can help ?

Yes, I can help you

what is the issue u have

can i help u install and setup prometheus in server

you want to setup prometheus in school

let me know it

I installed prometheus & node exporter. but when I access port 9090 I cant find node exporter
although port 9100 does display data from node exporter

I managed to solve the issue, thanks
I’m still not sure what was wrong but after restarting the service it worked somehow

wow great you solve it