Resend alerts after silencer is expired

Hey there! I’ve been using alertmanager for a couple years, and it’s been a great tool, thanks for the great job you guys have done!

From what I’ve experienced, when a silencer is created it won’t let the firing alerts to be sent to the receivers. But when the silencer is expired, the firing alerts aren’t sent right away, it respects the repeat_interval value in the alertmanager.yml .
It makes sense to me, but:
Is there a way to force the firing alerts to be sent to the receivers right after the silencer is expired?

If there’s a way to do it already, could someone explain to me how it’s done? And if there’s not, can it be developed?

I’m not a go dev, but I could try to develop a feature like this if someone is able just to guide me for a couple minutes through the project (and the current architecture allows it, of course)