Title: Filtering or dropping specific metrics in Node Exporter

Hello Forem community,

I’m currently working on configuring Node Exporter to expose only a subset of metrics while dropping the rest. I want to achieve this at the Node Exporter level itself, rather than using Prometheus configuration.

I have reviewed the --collector.disable-defaults flag in Node Exporter, which allows me to disable default collectors, but it still collects all the metrics and then filters them at the Prometheus level using metric_relabel_configs. However, I’m looking for a solution where Node Exporter only collects and exposes the specific metrics of interest, minimizing the network footprint.

Specifically, I have a few metrics, such as node_network_receive_bytes_total, that I want to expose, while dropping all other metrics collected by the netdev collector.

Could you please guide me on how to achieve this? Are there any configuration options to achieve selective metric exposure?

Thank you in advance for your help!