Toonboom license server - flexlm - grafana

Hi All

I picked this up from the last sys admin at work but there is no documentation on setup.
And i’m pretty new to the whole scene of all these systems.
We using prometheus to pull some stats from our toonboom license server.

It looks like it was previously pulling stats with this plug in

But yesterday after the new update of the lic server it stopped generating stats to grafana and i can’t figure out why. The previous updated didn’t break it.

I’m not sure how to fix or check this.
I can confirm that prometheus is still running on the lic server as the web UI of prometheus on the lic server is working and active.
And grafana does see it.

Could it be that prometheus was only looking at one of out 4 license keys and now that it’s expired and removed, It has broken?
Would appreciate any help to try and troubleshoot this.