Where to best ask general setup questions?


thanks for this discourse forum!

I’m currently working for a company which runs serverless services and I’m still struggling with how to best export metrics from them. I thought this forum might be a good place to ask such questions, but I wonder where to best put it? It’s not really a “Prometheus server” question, as I expect many additional components will be necessary to use Prometheus for this use case.

What’s your suggestion? Or would it make sense to have something like a “Deployment” category?


This topic touches my question Serverless Computing, Prometheus & Push Even though it was originally more tailored towards developing additional features.

yes we might want another section for this kind of questions. @SuperQ WDYT?

Maybe we should make the Exporters category called “Exporters and Instrumentation”, with a “Serverless” subcategory?

Would work for me! I guess the description could explain that this category is about everything related to getting metrics out of a system/service.

Yea, there still is a use case for “Getting Started”, “General Help”, “Misc”.

I’ll add both.