Compatibility with kubernetes 1.25

Hi Team,
We have been using Prometheus in our project and would like to know the compatibility with K8s version 1.25 for all the below Prometheus components:

  1. Alert Manager (GitHub - prometheus/alertmanager: Prometheus Alertmanager)
  2. Blackbox Exporter
  3. Busybox
  4. Config-reloader
  5. Prometheus base
  6. Curl
  7. K8s-sidecar (GitHub - kiwigrid/k8s-sidecar: This is a docker container intended to run inside a kubernetes cluster to collect config maps with a specified label and store the included files in a local folder.)
  8. Kube-state-metrics

Also, please guide from where we can get this information so that we can check in future.


I’m not really sure what you are meaning by “compatible” with Kubernetes. For example curl is a command line tool for doing web requests, so isn’t anything to do with Kubernetes - you could use it to make Kubernetes API calls, but it has no specific Kubernetes support.

Most of the other items listed have no direct interaction with Kubernetes, so you’d only be using it as a place to host a container. A few of the items listed do talk to the Kubernetes API (such as the Prometheus server if you use Kubernetes service discovery). The API calls used are generally well established and have remained unchanged for many Kubernetes versions.

Thanks @stuart ! I got the point.