In the "prometheus" helm chart, is the blackbox exporter included?

We were not able to see any blackbox-related things created in our kubernetes cluster just using the “prometheus” helm chart.

If the blackbox exporter is included, is there an example of how to configure the “prometheus” helm chart to get it to work?

If not, is there an example of using the “prometheus” and “prometheus-blackbox-exporter” helm charts together?

Thank you!

No, the Prometheus chart is very bare bones. You probably want to use the kube-prometheus-stack chart.

This will give you the full Prometheus operator, which includes the blackbox exporter and the Probe CRD, which makes it much easier to define blackbox targets.

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thank you for the quick response!

Is there an example of the “kube-prometheus-stack” chart configured to have the blackbox exporter and Probe CRD enabled?