Context deadline exceeded or EOF error

Please be kind to help me around,
I have a IPMI Exporter running as a container to scrape endpoints over /ipmi interface.

I am unable to get the results from the Target using curl/wget, and on Prometheus Targets UI it shuffles between EOF and Context deadline error.

ff9808933f75 ipmiexporter_ipmi_exporter “/bin/ipmi_exporter …” 20 hours ago Up 10 minutes>9290/tcp, :::9290->9290/tcp ipmi_exporter

root@monitor-prome01 ~ # wget “” -d

DEBUG output created by Wget 1.14 on linux-gnu.

URI encoding = ‘UTF-8’

Converted file name ‘ipmi?modules=default&target=’ (UTF-8) → ‘ipmi?modules=default&target=’ (UTF-8)

Converted file name ‘ipmi?modules=default&target=’ (UTF-8) → ‘ipmi?modules=default&target=’ (UTF-8)

–2022-08-09 06:21:50--

Connecting to… connected.

Created socket 3.

Releasing 0x00000000016458c0 (new refcount 0).

Deleting unused 0x00000000016458c0.

—request begin—

GET /ipmi?modules=default&target= HTTP/1.1

User-Agent: Wget/1.14 (linux-gnu)

Accept: /


Connection: Keep-Alive

—request end—

HTTP request sent, awaiting response… ^C