Server returned HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error

Hi Members,

I try to integrate SNMP with Prometheus, I did install the snmp_exporter successfully and able to snmpwalk and snmpget to my switch, and it runs SNMP v2

I come to cross with the error context deadline exceeded 1stly. Then I increase scrap_interval and scrape_timeout more than 100s.

Then I got the following error server returned HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error. and when try to see the snmp target details getting following error as well

> An error has occurred while serving metrics:
**> **
> error collecting metric Desc{fqName: “snmp_error”, help: “Error scraping target”, constLabels: {}, variableLabels: []}: error getting target X.X.0.254: request timeout (after 3 retries)

I’m newbie to this environment and can anyone guide me to resolve this