Does json_exporter really produce timestamped metrics?

My understanding is that json_exporter supports producing timestamped values: as a prometheus noob, I’d expect it to insert the timestamp right after the value, but I can’t see it in the example. Also running json_exporter locally I can’t see the timestamp after the value nor as a label.

From prometheus docs at Exposition formats | Prometheus

metric_name [
  "{" label_name "=" `"` label_value `"` { "," label_name "=" `"` label_value `"` } [ "," ] "}"
] value [ timestamp ]


The timestamp is an int64 (milliseconds since epoch…

and related example shows

http_requests_total{method="post",code="200"} 1027 1395066363000
http_requests_total{method="post",code="400"}    3 1395066363000

So it produces this line

example_timestamped_value_count{environment=“beta”} 2

while I’d expect

example_timestamped_value_count{environment=“beta”} 2 1657568506

Am I wrong?

PS: I tried to provide screenshots and links, but as a new user I simply can’t.