Excluding a label value from a specific host only

I’ve below metrics in Prometheus

{hostname="HOST-A",mountpoint="/DIR/1"} 0
{hostname="HOST-B",mountpoint="/DIR/2"} 0
{hostname="HOST-B",mountpoint="/DIR/7"} 0
{hostname="HOST-C",mountpoint="/DIR/3"} 0
{hostname="HOST-D",mountpoint="/DIR/4"} 0

How can I exclude a specific mount point from a single host only?

I use below expresson to get FS utilization
100 - (100 * node_filesystem_avail_bytes / node_filesystem_size_bytes)

Trying to achieve is exclude a specific host and all content inside a mount point. From hostname="HOST-B" and mountpoint="/DIR/.*"

current expr: 100 - (100 * node_filesystem_avail_bytes{hostname="HOST-B",mountpoint!~"/DIR/.*"} / node_filesystem_size_bytes{hostname="HOST-B",mountpoint!~"/DIR/.*"})

How can we modify the expression and incldue other host to the metrics returned from Prometheus

(100 - (100 * node_filesystem_avail_bytes{instance!=“PDC00synb210L:9100”} / node_filesystem_size_bytes{instance!=“PDC00synb210L:9100”})) or (100 - (100 * node_filesystem_avail_bytes{instance=“PDC00synb210L:9100”,mountpoint!="/opt"} / node_filesystem_size_bytes{instance=“PDC00synb210L:9100”,mountpoint!="/opt"}))

I used above technique on my system to do something similar to what you are asking. I use the “or” technique to include all things for instance not equal to certain value, then add the certain instance for all except certain mountpoint.