Generate huge prometheus data (100GB) for testing backup time

I’m trying to test how much time it takes to get a snapshot if I have huge Prometheus data (100 GB). The problem is how do I generate such huge data?
[I am using prometheus on top of k8s, I downloaded using docker image, version 2.15.1]

For taking a snapshot, I’m using the admin api: “POST /api/v1/admin/tsdb/snapshot” Are there other ways to backup prometheus data?


You could try backfilling a lot of data: Prometheus backfilling. Backfill Prometheus metrics in… | by Tom Vincent | tlvince | Medium

In the code, we also have a tool: ./promtool tsdb bench write which could be used.

Thanks, the create blocks from open metrics worked.
Can you point me to any documentation/blog on how use the “./promtool tsdb bench write”?