Graphing number of targets

Hi, I’m trying to add a chart which shows the changing number of target nodes that I am scraping. Using this query.


I get a level line that accurately shows the current sum of my targets (across all jobs) – at present. But, that’s not what I want.

I then tried out sum(rate(prometheus_target_scrape_pool_targets[1h])) but that returns “0”

So, what am I missing with my query in order to get a moving graph of targets over time?



What do you mean changing number of target nodes? Are your nodes
replaced or renames?

Over time, our targets rise and fall. I would like to see the trend over time. Plus, if I see a sudden, unexpected drop, that would alert me to a problem in scraping a particular job.

count (up) by (job)

Thank you, this is getting close, I’m seeing change in targets over time. But I have found a problem. The count I am getting is ALL targets in each job, including targets which are actually down. So it seems the (up) metric is not accurate.

Then, use

sum (up) by (job)


That works, thanks!