How can I add new collectors to MySQL exporter?

Hi all,
I installed and configured my mysql_exporter from : GitHub - prometheus/mysqld_exporter: Exporter for MySQL server metrics

I’ve been using it from my localhost:9090 (Prometheus GUI) and it’s going fine. The doubt is that I don’t know how to implement new collectors to add custom queries with my mysql databases.

I was able to see by googling that there is a way to do this: Tutorial: Monitoring MySQL Server Performance with Prometheus and sql_exporter | MetricFire Blog

but I don’t know how to implement it in the new versions of the exporter, as it looks different compared to the article I have attached above.

I would appreciate the help, greetings.


The article you are linking is about the SQL exporter, which is different from the mysqld_exporter. AFAIK the mysqld exporter does not enable custom sql queries at the moment and focuses on the mysql daemon monitoring.

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