MSSQL Prometheus Exporter for Windows

I have about 50 windows servers each running one instance of MSSQL database. I want to monitor all possible metrics form this databases but I cannot find any windows binary to install. I have installed [Release v0.20.0 · prometheus-community/windows_exporter · GitHub](Windows Exporter) and I am getting server metrics on my central Prometheus server. However, I cannot find any windows binary to install for MSSQL. I have seen [GitHub - awaragi/prometheus-mssql-exporter: Docker container for exporting MSSQL statistics to Prometheus]Prometheus-MSSQL-Exporter) but the dockerized installation seems pretty complicated especially as it requires me to install additional tools (docker) on the database servers, permission for which I don’t have. Does anyone here know of any windows binary for Prometheus MSSQL Exporter please? What other suggestions do you have for me.

Many thanks!