How to add K3s Cluster as Scrape Targets to Prometheus-Server on K8s

I have deployed Rancher Monitoring on a Rancher Imported K8s Cluster. It installed kube-prometheus-stack using helm charts in the backend. Which installed Prometheus Server, Prometheus Operator along with other components.
Now I have a couple of singe node K3s clusters, which are constrained devices and I would like to add them as Scrape Targets to the Prometheus server in the K8s Cluster. I have installed node-exporter and kube-state-metrics using helm charts in the K3s Clusters. But unable to have them discovered by the Prometheus Server.

I have searched in the internet, looking for the configuration steps. But no luck. Can somebody help me please. This is a PoC requirement and is a timebound activity. So any quick help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance

If you are using kube-prometheus-stack that will give you the Prometheus Operator. Therefore you need to ensure you have ServiceMonitor objects for everything you want to monitor.

yes…I have service monitor for the node-exporter service in K3s. what is the next step ?