Vm based Prometheus doesn't collect Kubernetes metrics


I have a Prometheus server installed on Ubuntu 20. It talks nicely with Grafana and works as a source. On my Kubernetes cluster VM’s I installed node_exporter and metrics are available. However, I don’t see any metrics from Kubernetes in Prometheus Query.

What do I need to do to be able to see metrics from Kubernetes? Do I need to install some extra node exporter or deploy some kubernetes collector?

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Have you added any jobs to scrape the various Kubernetes metric endpoints?

Hi Stuart. No I don’t have any jobs to gather those metrics. I am looking for some details how to do it.

Hello Stuart. What job or exporter should we add to collect Kubernets metric, such as Pod Limit/Request?

The various Kubenetes components expose metrics themselves (e.g. kube-proxy, etc.)