How to parse statistics from web site?

Hello everybody!
please tell me how to parse the of views (statistics) on the site for ex:

What are you trying to achieve? Looking briefly at that link it looks like a product page for an item. I’m not seeing anything which looks like time based metrics?

Yes, it’s product page.
On page have counter ov viewers of product and period.
Maybe node.js good for this task?

Where is this count currently being stored? In some form of database? If so, that’s probably the best place to source metrics from. I’d create a small application (or part of the existing one) which exposes that database information as Prometheus metrics.

However, unless there are only a few products this is probably not a good fit with Prometheus. What is the reason for wanting to scrape the data into Prometheus? Alerts? Dashboards?

If it is just dashboards then you can grab the data directly from your database into Grafana without needing Prometheus at all.

Yes, you right, Stuart.
I need just dashboards with grab the data directly from database (unknown) into Grafana.
Unknown because l’m not owner web site DB