Is Prometheus right for my usecase, under YunoHost?

I am just starting out with selfhosting in 2022. I plan to run the yunohost_80px YunoHost (YNH) distribution (based on debian_80px Debian) on a raspberrypi_80px Raspberry Pi SBC. I have a long deployment project planned for 2022, which involves steadily adding more load to my RasPi device over a period of months, as I deploy more apps within my YNH selfhosted environment. Once I have everything installed and configured on my “test” environment, then I’ll begin again in the second half of 2022 with setting up my “production” environment. Obviously, I need a way to monitor the load over time. I need to establish whether a single 8GB RasPi 4B device will handle the load, or whether I will need to purchase more of them as I add more apps.

What I need to know is whether running prometheus_80px Prometheus on the same device that I am monitoring is a good idea even? How much does Prometheus itself contribute to the load on the monitored device? Would it be better if I installed Prometheus on my laptop (running ubuntu_80px Ubuntu) and monitored the RasPi remotely from there instead?

I came across Prometheus on the YNH forums.