Kube-prometheus-stack grafana version dependency


I’m not sure that it’s the right place to ask my question, and I’m not even sure if my question is actually related to Prometheus or Helm… but I’ll try anyway :smiley:

I’m using latest version of Helm Chart kube-prometheus-stack (which is “54.2.2”).
In the file Chart.yml, the value of the dependency Grafana version is defined as “7.0.*”.

When I look into the official Chart Repo of Grafana, the latest version is “7.0.11”, which uses Grafana version “10.2.2”.
When I install the Chart, I can see that installed Grafana version is “10.1.5”.
When I search in Helm logs with --debug, I see things like helm.sh/chart: grafana-7.0.8, so I guess that version “7.0.8” is actually used.

I was assuming that the wildcard “7.0.*” would imply that latest available version would be used, but it’s not the case.

I don’t understand which version of the dependency is choosen… :confused:
And, where does that “7.0.8” come from ? :crazy_face:

Thanks for you help !