Kube-prometheus-stack how to customize default Grafana dashboard location?

Using kube-prometheus-stack helm chart version 16.10.0

It is very nice and comes with a wealth of Grafana dashboards and Prometheus alert rules. By default all Grafana dashboard are imported in the “General” folder. And a dashboard has a name like “Kubernetes / Networking / Namespace (Pods)”. As a rtesult the dashboard fullname is pretty log: `General / Kubernetes / Networking / Namespace (Pods)"

QUESTION: Is it possible to customize some helm values to select the folder for the Grafana dashboard. This would help to reduce the level and better organize the daashboards. For example:

  • create a Dashboard folder named “Kuberntes”
  • import all the Kubernetes dashboard in this folder
  • Remove the leading string "Kubernetes / " in the dashboard names.

Thanks very much for any help.