Metric endpoint doesn't show metrics

Hello everybody,
having this problem for some server:
Prometheus → Status → Targets
There is the list of node_exporters endpoints

When clicking on the endpoint link of some node exporters, the list of metrics is shown but for other hosts I have connection time out error.
Any idea why this happen? And how to make it work to all hosts
Also installing different type of exporters on the same server, on some hosts all the exporters installed show the metrics on other hosts there is connection time out for any of the exporters installed on the same machine.

Thank you in case

Those links are directly to the metrics URLs, so they will only work if your machine has access to them. For example if they are behind a firewall or internal to a Kubernetes cluster you wouldn’t be able to just click on them.

Thanks for suggestion, I will check then the direct connection from my laptop to the destination server