Need help with alertmanager

Hi All,

I currently have a configuration where I am using alertmanager to pagerduty, then pagerduty custom actions to Rundeck/On Prem Process Automation. I need to get my nodename carried into the rundeck payload and I believe that it needs to be placed in the arbitrary key values as listed here:

[ details: { <string>: <tmpl_string>, ... } | default = {
  firing:       '{{ template "pagerduty.default.instances" .Alerts.Firing }}'
  resolved:     '{{ template "pagerduty.default.instances" .Alerts.Resolved }}'
  num_firing:   '{{ .Alerts.Firing | len }}'
  num_resolved: '{{ .Alerts.Resolved | len }}'
} ]

The only line my current alertmanager.yml has under pagerduty config is the service keys. Does anyone happen to have a sample I could see as to how the yaml should look? Can’t seem to get it added properly.