Node_exporter agent causing perforomance issue

Hello Community,

i have node_exporter running on low latency servers on core0.
our application running on non core0 showing performance degradation while agent is running. if we shutdown agent performance improves drastically.

i have monitored agent and it’s thread and it’s all running on core0 and takes cpu cycle from 6% to 7%.
while doing perf trace on events it’s spending maximum overhead on runtime.mallocgc and nmi

6.06% node_exporter [.] runtime.mallocgc
6.05% [kernel] [k] nmi

to isoloate the node_exporter traffic i moved them to scrap through dedicated interface and i dont see much memory consumption here.

i’m not able to figure out why would node_Exporter would cause slowness on application side while application is not running on core0.

can someone please able to help or shed some light/give clues what can be done to improve this

Host operating system: output of uname -a

Linux hostname 4.15.0-166-generic #174-Ubuntu SMP Wed Dec 8 19:07:44 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

node_exporter version: output of node_exporter --version

node_exporter, version 1.3.1 (branch: HEAD, revision: a2321e7b940ddcff26873612bccdf7cd4c42b6b6)
build user: root@243aafa5525c
build date: 20211205-11:09:49
go version: go1.17.3
platform: linux/amd64

node_exporter command line flags