Postgres-exporter helm chart with flags

Been using the prometheus postgres-exporter for a long time now, via a helm chart. In the past, we have had some custom queries in a queries.yaml file that appears to now be depreciated. Our setup was pretty much stock with the suggested queries.yaml for table stats, etc. We have many systems we monitor, and are trying to avoid having to re-write our alerts, etc.

however, I’m having trouble with looking at transcation wraparound (originally called pg_xid).

We did run the helm chart 4.6.0 and it worked, but the newer 6.0.0 builds without the custom queries, I am struggling to figure out how to get the transaction wraparound. I see on github, there is a flag :

[no-]collector.long_running_transactions` Enable the `long_running_transactions` collector (default: disabled).

This sounds like exactly what I want to test, but I can’t seem to figure out how in the helm chart’s values.yaml file to enable and disable flags? Anyone have any pointers?