Prometheus alerts sends to thier respective teams channels

Hi Everyone

we are monitoring so many projects in Prometheus. Currently, we only send alerts via email. We want alerts to the Microsoft Teams channel instead. We have separate teams channels for each project. How is this possible? if it is possible please share the document.

Alertmanager does have MS Teams integration, so you can setup links to one or more Teams channel and then route alerts to them, using the standard receiver/routes configuration. You might want to route based on a label or annotation in your alert.

HI @stuart thanks for the reply

when i check to install the ms teams most of them were in docker image and container but i need to install standalone for that there is no document or anything. you have any document are link please share it will be helpful

these are the git repos i tried

  1. GitHub - prometheus-msteams/prometheus-msteams: Forward Prometheus Alert Manager notifications to Microsoft Teams.
  2. GitHub - idealista/prom2teams: prom2teams is an HTTP server built with Python that receives alert notifications from a previously configured Prometheus Alertmanager instance and forwards it to Microsoft Teams using defined connectors