Prometheus and alertmanager basic auth


I was able to setup basic auth on prometheus and alertmanager. It is now asking me un/pwd when i hit 9090 and 9093 web UI
As far as
alerting section in the prometheus.yml i am having issues.

I tried to add
username: ‘admin’
password: ‘$2b$12$5kNjegyolz9yes7C/mWrGedvjXXXXXXXXX’ (bcrypt or plain text password)
#password_file: /monitoring/alertmanager/web.yml (with bcrypt as well as plain text)
Do i need to ’ or " the username and/or password?
I always see error
caller=notifier.go:525 level=error component=notifier alertmanager=http://:9093/api/v2/alerts count=1 msg=“Error sending alert” err=“bad response status 401 Unauthorized”

and I see all my alerts under prometheus 9090 UI but nothing under alertmanager 9093 UI
I tried v1 as well as v2 api version, no difference.
Do i need to use bcrypted password or plain text for password field? When i use password file, do I still need username or pasword file shoul dhave user: bcrypted password? or plain text password?

Thanks in advance