Alertmanager credential pass it as a secrets or hide them

Hey, I have this alertmanager configuration


  resolve_timeout: 5m
  #API key in integration
  victorops_api_key: 841027fb3edd4f458XXXX #..> Integration -> API 
  #Rest API in integrations
  victorops_api_url: #..> Integration -> REST (generic)[search bar]
- './alertmanager-templates/*.tmpl'
  receiver: victorops-receiver
  - name: victorops-receiver
      - api_key: ad09c894-f9c9-XXXXXX #..> Integrations -> Prometheus API
        routing_key: route_team #..> Setting -> Routing keys
        state_message: 'Alert: {{ .CommonLabels.alertname }}. Summary:{{ .CommonAnnotations.summary }}. RawData: {{ .CommonLabels }}'

Is there anyway to pass VIctorOps credential as secrets or someway to hide them?? The variable such as api_key and victorops_api_key

Those keys are hidden as secrets in the UI. If you look at the documentation, anything marked <secret> will be masked. Therefore they are already protected.