PromQL Joining metrics


I have 2 metrics

rdsosmetrics_processList_cpuUsedPc{connectionState=“BIND”, databaseName=“dbname”, id=“0010”, instance=“instanceName”, ip=“ipAddr”, job="jobName, name=“postgres: username dbname ip(port) BIND”, parentID=“parid”, port=“port”, processName=“postgres”, region=“us-east-1”, tgid=“tgid”, userName=“userName”} and it’s value is in decimal like 0.20 which is cpu utilization value

  1. rdsosmetrics_timestamp

rdsosmetrics_timestamp{instance=“instanceName”, job=“jobName”, region=“us-east-1”}
and it’s value is timestamp format like: 1622188465

I want to be able to join these two metrics to form a timeseries with timestamp from the second metric. Is this possible ? Please help!

If this is not possible to make a timeseries, I atleast want to view the timestamp values associated with the cpu usage value in a single table. I’m using grafana. Please help!