Strategy for keeping Windows Exporter up to date

Hi all:

I have some Windows PCs (workstations) that I am monitoring with Prometheus.

I am fairly new to Prometheus, and the first thing I noticed is that sometimes you are advised to change the Windows Exporter configuration on each local PC.

That means manually installing and/or configuring each Windows Exporter, which is time consuming. I would rather “push” the Windows Exporter configuration from the Prometheus server to each “client”.

I guess you should also update the exporter every now and then. What are good strategies for keeping the Windows Exporter up to date?

I have no software management system in place yet. Is there an easy one for that task that you guys have found nice in practice?

I am playing with Chocolatey:

But updates have to be manually triggered. There seems to be no easy GUI for the user like “Update all packages now? Postpone for a day? Update and then shutdown?”

Thanks in advance,