Subtraction, same label, different value

I’m using Feign/Hystrix, micrometer, prometheus.

The following query works, but I need to modify it and I don’t know how:

sum by(group, key) (increase(hystrix_execution_total{event="exception_thrown"}[1m])) / sum by(group, key) (increase(hystrix_execution_terminal_total[1m])) * 100 >= 5

Basically exception_thrown is one event emitted by Hystrix, but Hystrix also emits another metric bad_request which signifies a client error (4…). To get an accurate measure of upstream server errors, I need to subtract two metrics, which have the same labels, but different values, and then get a rate per minute to alert on

The following doesn’t work, No datapoints found.

hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="exception_thrown"} - hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="bad_request"}

any ideas if it is possible to achieve this?

Here is a graph to help explain the problem, it’s hystrix calls related to authentication, most errors are users submitting wrong credentials (bad request), I need to distinguish those from our authentication server 5… errors

Can you try:

hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="exception_thrown"} - ignoring(event) hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="bad_request"}

if event is different on both sides, you will need to ask Prometheus not to use it to compare.

Unfortunately I still get no data points.

I think I need event, as I need to subtract based on that labels values…

Please find attached 3 screenshots - one with ignoring clause, and one for exceptions_thrown and bad_request (had to combine into one to workaround new user restriction of 1 image )

It seems that terminal is also different. Can you try ignoring (terminal, event) ?

WOW, thank you very much, that has fixed it :pray:

sum(hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="exception_thrown"} ) without(event,terminal) - sum(hystrix_execution_total{job="auth",key="authenticate",event="bad_request"}) without(event,terminal) 

Is better then.

Thanks, really appreciate the support

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