Windows_exporter Disk Latency

I am trying to monitor Windows disk latency using windows_exporter.
I tested disk performance using two commands below :

c:> diskspd.exe -c1G -d120 -b4K -o32 -t4 -w10 -L -D -Suw testfile.dat
PS c:> Get-Counter -ComputerName win-node -Counter ‘\LogicalDisk()\Avg. Disk sec/Read’,'\LogicalDisk()\Avg. Disk sec/Write’ -SampleInterval 1

The output of both commands shows average latency of 11 msec.
While the prometheus query rate(windows_logical_disk_read_write_latency_seconds_total[20s]) prints 125

Why this difference ?

I got the answer on Prometheus Users group. This is the correct query :
rate(windows_logical_disk_read_write_latency_seconds_total[10s]) / (rate(windows_logical_disk_reads_total[10s]) + rate(windows_logical_disk_writes_total[10s]))