Category Layout

Starting a new thread on the discussion of how to layout discussion categories and sub-categories.

Top-level so far:

  • Prometheus Server
  • PromQL
  • Exporters
  • Development
  • Site Feedback

I’m thinking about a couple new top-level categories

  • Alertmanager

Under Prometheus Server, I’m thinking about a couple of sub-categories:

  • Scaling and storage
  • Configuration and Service Discovery

I’m also thinking about where to put a “Newbie Corner”.

Some ideas from First Feedback (topic minimum length must be 15 chars...) - #6 by gregGT

How about top-level “Instrumentation libraries”, and then sub-categories by language?

Too many categories could be confusing, especially when you create a post and need to select one. Therefore I’d suggest keeping them informal on 1 page and limited.

For sub categories, same idea. Discourse supports tags, which help with filters and notifications.

I had provided some more thoughts on the GitLab Discourse before starting my role, these ideas might be helpful for Prometheus too :slight_smile: